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ESG is the term that corresponds to the environmental, social, economic and governance practices of a company, city, state or federation.

This acronym has become more and more an essential factor for an organization to have a good place in the market, to be seen positively by society, to be in agreement with sustainable and environmental issues, and also to guarantee long-term investments.

ESG standards help to understand the needs that a company needs to implement to improve its performance with the environment, internal and external social, and provide organizations with strong governance for decision making.

As a company that aims at digital transformation for sustainable development, Codex works to generate environmental, social, economic and governance values ​​in all its areas of operation.

In addition to adhering to the Corporation’s own ESG practices, Codex created a solution so that companies can analyze the impact they have on the world, according to the acronym. Read on to learn more!

Codex and ESG

Codex works to promote the evolution of its customers through technological tools. Along with the technology we offer, we unite concern and responsibility with all the pillars of companies – whether public or private -, always emphasizing the importance of sustainability in any business. ربح المال من الالعاب

Since the steps taken by Larry Fink in 2020, adopting ESG has become essential for a company to be attractive in the business world, in keeping with its environmental responsibility. Therefore, Codex decided to be a mediator of the positive effect that companies can have in the world – and when we talk about the world, we think about what each action or decision-making can cause to society, the environment, and internal and external regulations of a company. افضل موقع مراهنات كرة القدم

Codex’s concern is real! Therefore, we created the LEGARO platform, which will present the reality of companies in relation to ESG metrics, based on a score obtained through analysis and data provided by the company, resulting in information that will help in their sustainability journey and corporate governance.

What is the LEGARO platform?

Legaro is a Codex Corporation platform that allows companies to diagnose socio-environmental responsibility and corporate governance through the ESG score. Thus, it enables the control and monitoring of environmental, social, economic and corporate governance indicators, such as a strategic plan, compliance and financial decisions.
With the data obtained, it is possible to anticipate and mitigate risks, resulting in the capture of great opportunities that add value and competitiveness to the business.

The union of “Legacy” and “Future” constitutes the brand of our product, which aims to mediate the positioning of companies in relation to ESG metrics.

To obtain an ESG diagnosis through Legaro, it is necessary to fill in questionnaires on the Environmental, Social, Governance and Economic topics.

From the results of the questionnaire, it will be possible to identify whether an organization’s corporate sustainability journey is in a broad, medium or low development process.

Legaro’s objective is to measure the impact of companies in the world, and to help them, based on data, to analyze what needs to be done for ESG to really be part of their management. Finally, a sustainable future is Codex’s goal and, for that, we use our technology expertise to promote a better world!

ESG: the term that adds value to companies

ESG investment refers to a class that is also known as “sustainable investment”. It is an “umbrella” term for investments that seek positive returns and long-term impact on society, the environment and business performance.

Companies that are envisioning a more sustainable future have proactively transitioned to a low carbon footprint and lowered their energy costs. They are also making their work environment fully inclusive and supporting employees by developing workforces that will be productive in the long run.

Organizations whose boards have truly independent and diverse voices, especially across racial and gender lines, make better risk management decisions and thus allocate capital more efficiently. Now, more than ever, the market has reason to believe that doing the right thing can also be profitable.

Given the current scenario, the great importance of ESG is that many investors are not only interested in the financial results of their investments. They are also interested in their impact and the role their assets can play in promoting global issues such as climate action, for example. بلاك جاك كازينو

Businesses are already facing the financial consequences of not acting on sustainability as many countries have implemented regulations – such as carbon taxes – and the financial and banking sectors have integrated ESG rules into their funding criteria.

The only way for stakeholders to avoid difficult lending conditions and exclusion from capital markets is to show evidence that they have developed robust sustainability and ESG strategies.

Benefits of adopting ESG

According to the CNI (National Confederation of Industries of Brazil), 62% of Brazilians have already stopped consuming products of any brand because it violates labor rights, mistreat animals, commits environmental crimes, due to discrimination, or other factors responsibility towards the environment and society. And yet, one in three Brazilians is willing to pay more for a product that was manufactured in an environmentally correct way.

This represents a green light, that is, the more a company complies with social and environmental responsibility processes, the better it will evolve and maintain its growth in the medium and long term.

The company, whatever its size, will benefit from the following factors when implementing the ESG:

  • Risk management and crisis reduction;
  • Cost reduction and profitability increase;
  • Avoiding fraud, conflicts of interest and corrupt practices;
  • Attraction of capital with cheaper interest;
  • Positive relationship with the community;
  • Reduction of work accidents;
  • Generate benefits to the environment and society;
  • Positively influences the production chain;
  • Reinforce the positive image of the brand;
  • Gain greater trust from stakeholders (the entire stakeholder chain).

No matter what the size or proportion of a company, adopting ESG will bring numerous benefits across all possible sectors of the company.

Codex, as a corporation responsible for the environment and society, works daily so that sustainability is part of all its customers and potential customers. Adhering to ESG practices is not only a way to attract investment, but also to take care of people, the present and the future of the world!



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